Definition & Meaning of "IOIS"

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iois :
Indicators of Interest

Usage of IOIS

The abbreviation IOIS stands for 'Indicators of Interest' which refers to actions or signals that a person gives to show they're interested in someone. These include things like prolonged eye contact, leaning in towards the person, smiling or laughter, initiating physical touch, and asking questions about the other person. Being able to recognize IOIS is important because it can help someone gauge whether or not the other person is interested in them romantically or platonically.

Examples of IOIS used in texting:
1. "I'm pretty sure she's into me, she's been sending me IOIS all night."
2. "He keeps texting me every day and asking me how my day was, I think those are IOIS."
3. "I noticed he touched my arm when he laughed at my joke, that's definitely an ioi."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "iois"

iois :
Indicators of Interest

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