Definition & Meaning of "IND2P"

What does ind2p mean? View the definition of ind2p and all related slang terms containing ind2p below:

ind2p :
I need to pee

Usage of IND2P

The abbreviation IND2P is a shorthand way of saying "I need to pee." This abbreviation is commonly used in texting when someone wants to convey the message that they need to use the restroom. Whether you are in a class or you are out shopping, IND2P is a quick and easy way to let your friends know that you need to take a quick break.

Examples of IND2P used in texting:

1. Hey, I can't focus right now, IND2P. Be right back.
2. Sorry, I have to rush to the washroom ASAP. IND2P.
3. I think we should take a break from driving, IND2P.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ind2p"

ind2p :
I need to pee

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