Definition & Meaning of "ILYDYLM"

What does ilydylm mean? View the definition of ilydylm and all related slang terms containing ilydylm below:

ilydylm :
I love you do you love me?

Usage of ILYDYLM

The abbreviation ILYDYLM stands for "I love you do you love me?" This phrase is often used to express feelings of love and affection towards someone, while also seeking confirmation of their feelings in return. It conveys a sense of vulnerability and the desire for mutual love and connection in a relationship. When someone uses ILYDYLM in a text message, they are expressing their emotions openly and seeking reassurance from the other person about their feelings.

Examples of ILYDYLM used in texting:

1. Text message: "Hey, I just wanted to say ILYDYLM. Do you feel the same way about me?"
2. Text message: "Thinking of you a lot today. I hope you know that ILYDYLM. What about you?"
3. Text message: "You mean so much to me and I just had to tell you - ILYDYLM. Can you say it back to me too?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ilydylm"

ilydylm :
I love you do you love me?

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