Definition & Meaning of "ILYBTID"

What does ilybtid mean? View the definition of ilybtid and all related slang terms containing ilybtid below:

ilybtid :
I Love You But Then I Don't

Usage of ILYBTID

The abbreviation ILYBTID reflects a situation where someone feels love for the person they are talking to, but later realize that the feeling is not as strong as they thought. It's a complicated emotion where one's feelings are neither completely positive nor negative. It can occur in various situations such as a couple's disagreement or a friend's conflict.

Example of ILYBTID used in texting:

1. Text Message: Hey, I just wanna say that I really enjoyed our date last night. ILYBTID, I'm not sure if I'm ready for a relationship yet.

2. Text Message: I miss you so much, but it's hard to ignore that we always end up fighting. ILYBTID, maybe we should take some space.

3. Text Message: You're one of the closest people to me, and I don't want to risk losing your friendship, but sometimes your actions hurt me. ILYBTID, I need to be honest with you about how I feel.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ilybtid"

ilybtid :
I Love You But Then I Don't

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