Definition & Meaning of "IGKYMFA"

What does igkymfa mean? View the definition of igkymfa and all related slang terms containing igkymfa below:

igkymfa :
I'm gonna kick your mother f**king ass

Usage of IGKYMFA

The abbreviation IGKYMFA is a vulgar phrase commonly used to express one's intention to physically harm another person. The phrase is made up of four words: 'I'm gonna kick your mother f**king ass.' It is an aggressive and confrontational phrase that is typically used in situations where one person wishes to threaten or intimidate another person.

Example 1 (Text message):
Person 1: Hey man, you owe me money.
Person 2: Yeah, I'll pay you back when I can.
Person 1: You better pay me back soon or IGKYMFA.

Example 2 (Text message):
Person 1: Yo, did you hear what that guy said about you?
Person 2: No, what did he say?
Person 1: He called you a p***y.
Person 2: IGKYMFA, I'm gonna confront him about that.

Example 3 (Text message):
Person 1: You're a terrible driver, you almost hit that pedestrian!
Person 2: Shut up man, I know what I'm doing.
Person 1: You better watch yourself or IGKYMFA.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "igkymfa"

igkymfa :
I'm gonna kick your mother f**king ass

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