Definition & Meaning of "IDGI"

What does idgi mean? View the definition of idgi and all related slang terms containing idgi below:

idgi :
I don't get it

Usage of IDGI

The abbreviation IDGI is commonly used in texting and stands for 'I don't get it'. It's often used when someone is confused or doesn't understand something that has been said or done. By using IDGI, people can quickly express their confusion or lack of understanding without having to type out a longer message.

Examples of IDGI used in texting:
1. Friend A: I'm gonna be late, my car won't start.
Friend B: IDGI, why won't it start?
2. Sibling A: Did you see that movie everyone's talking about?
Sibling B: No, IDGI what movie is that?
3. Co-worker A: Can you finish this report by tomorrow?
Co-worker B: IDGI, can you give me more details on what needs to be done?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "idgi"

idgi :
I don't get it

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