Definition & Meaning of "IDAC"

What does idac mean? View the definition of idac and all related slang terms containing idac below:

idac :
I don't actually care

Usage of IDAC

The abbreviation 'IDAC' is a short form used in texting to express a lack of interest or concern about a particular topic or situation. The phrase 'I don't actually care' is the full form of the abbreviation. It is commonly used in casual conversations, especially when someone is trying to emphasize that they have no vested interest in a conversation or subject.

Example 1 - Person A: Did you hear about the new restaurant that opened up? It's supposed to be amazing!
Person B: IDAC, food is food.

Example 2 - Person A: I can't believe the results of the election!
Person B: IDAC, I didn't even vote.

Example 3 - Person A: Have you seen the latest celebrity gossip?
Person B: IDAC, I don't keep up with that kind of stuff.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "idac"

idac :
I don't actually care

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