Definition & Meaning of "HTF"

What does htf mean? View the definition of htf and all related slang terms containing htf below:

htf :
how the f**k

Usage of HTF

The abbreviation HTF is a slang term that stands for "how the f**k". It is generally used to express shock or surprise, often in response to something unexpected or unbelievable. The use of profanity in this abbreviation helps emphasize the intense emotions being expressed. It is commonly used in casual conversations among friends, but may be deemed inappropriate in more formal settings.

Examples of HTF used in texting:
1. Example of HTF used in texting: "HTF did you manage to finish that entire pizza by yourself?!"
2. Example of HTF used in texting: "I just found out I got into Harvard! HTF did that even happen?!"
3. Example of HTF used in texting: "HTF did I forget my phone at home again? Ugh!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "htf"

htf :
how the f**k
htfu :
Hurry the f**k up
ihtfp :
I hate this f**king place
shtf :
s**t hits the fan
wshtf :
when s**t hits the fan

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