Definition & Meaning of "HOOPTY"

What does hoopty mean? View the definition of hoopty and all related slang terms containing hoopty below:

hoopty :
broke down automobile

Usage of HOOPTY

The slang term HOOPTY refers to an old and unreliable automobile that is prone to breaking down. It is usually used to describe a car that is in poor condition, often making strange noises or visibly damaged. People may refer to their own car or someone else's car as a HOOPTY, often in a humorous or self-deprecating way.

Examples of HOOPTY used in texting:
1. "Can't make it to the movie tonight, my HOOPTY finally gave up on me."
2. "I saw Emily's HOOPTY in the parking lot, missing a tire again."
3. "Sorry for being late, I had to pull over and fix my HOOPTY on the way here."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "hoopty"

hoopty :
broke down automobile

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