Definition & Meaning of "HOAU"

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hoau :
how old are you

Usage of HOAU

The abbreviation "HOAU" is commonly used in texting to ask someone's age. It stands for "how old are you" and is a quick way to get information about someone's age without having to spell out the entire question. This abbreviation is especially popular among teenagers and young adults who communicate frequently through text messaging.

Examples of HOAU used in texting:

1. A: "Hey, I met someone new today. HOAU?"
B: "I'm 21. How about you?"

2. A: "My cousin is starting high school next year. HOAU now?"
B: "I'm 18, so I'll be a senior in high school next year."

3. A: "I'm going to a concert next week. Do you want to come with me? HOAU?"
B: "I'm 19, and that sounds like fun. I'm in!"

Examples of HOAU used in texting

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "hoau"

hoau :
how old are you

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