Definition & Meaning of "HAMMRD"

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hammrd :

Usage of HAMMRD

The term "HAMMRD" is a slang abbreviation commonly used in texting and social media to describe someone who is heavily intoxicated or drunk. It refers to the feeling of being hit repeatedly with a hammer, which can be a metaphor for the effects of excessive alcohol consumption. This term is frequently used by young people who enjoy attending parties and consuming alcohol in large quantities.

Examples of HAMMRD used in texting:
1. "OMG, I got so HAMMRD at the party last night, I don't even remember how I got home lol"
2. "I think I'm going to stay sober tonight, I don't want to end up HAMMRD like last time"
3. "I saw a guy getting HAMMRD outside the club, it wasn't a pretty sight"

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hammrd :

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