Definition & Meaning of "H8S"

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h8s :

Usage of H8S

The abbreviation H8S is commonly used in text messaging as an abbreviation for the word 'hates.' When someone uses this abbreviation, it means that they have a strong feeling of dislike or animosity towards someone or something. This term is often used on social media platforms and in casual conversations to express one's strong negative feelings.

Examples of H8S used in texting:

1. "I H8S drama, can't we all just get along?" (Example of H8S used in a text message to express dislike for drama)
2. "I H8S when my phone dies and I lose all my important information." (Example of H8S used in a text message to express frustration towards losing data)
3. "He H8S the fact that he has to work overtime again tonight." (Example of H8S used in a text message to express someone else's negative feelings towards their work schedule)

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h8s :

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