Definition & Meaning of "H8RED"

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Usage of H8RED

H8RED is an abbreviation that stands for "hatred." It refers to strong negative feelings or resentment towards someone or something. H8RED can manifest in different forms, such as anger, fear, or hostility, and can be directed towards individuals, groups, or ideas. H8RED can be a destructive emotion that can harm both the person holding it and the person or object of their hatred.

Examples of H8RED used in texting:

1. "I can't stand her. She's so fake and annoying. Total H8RED." (Example of H8RED used in texting to describe strong negative feelings towards someone)

2. "I hate my job. My boss is such a jerk. H8RED is all I feel right now." (Example of H8RED used in texting to express resentment towards a person or situation)

3. "Why do they get to have everything they want? It's not fair. H8RED is consuming me right now." (Example of H8RED used in texting to describe feelings of envy and resentment towards others)

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h8red :

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