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Usage of H8R

The term H8R is an abbreviation of 'hater' which implies someone who dislikes or criticizes another person or something for no justifiable reason. Haters are known for their negativity and often try to bring other people down with their comments and actions. Haters are frequently found online, where they can hide behind anonymous profiles and spread their negativity without any accountability. However, the term is often used humorously and in a lighthearted way, without any intention to cause real harm.

Example of H8R used in texting:
1. I can't stand people who hate on Taylor Swift's music. #H8R
2. Stop being such a H8R and start appreciating the beauty of nature.
3. Don't pay attention to those h8rs, they're just jealous of your success.

Examples of H8R used in texting

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h8red :

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