Definition & Meaning of "[email protected]"

What does [email protected] mean? View the definition of [email protected] and all related slang terms containing [email protected] below:

Usage of [email protected]

The term [email protected] is often used as slang to refer to someone who specializes in computer security, more specifically, gaining unauthorized access to computer systems or networks. It has negative connotations as it implies that the person is engaging in illegal activity.

Example of [email protected] used in texting:
1. Are you sure your website is secure? I don't want to get [email protected]'d again. (Example of [email protected] used in texting)
2. My friend thinks he's a [email protected] but he can't even code properly. (Example of [email protected] used in texting)
3. I heard that big company got [email protected]'d last night. They lost all their customer data. (Example of [email protected] used in texting)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "[email protected]"

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