Definition & Meaning of "H*R"

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h*r :
homestar runner

Usage of H*R

Homestar Runner is a popular comedy website that first emerged in the early 2000s. It features various animated characters and skits, with a heavy emphasis on absurdist humor and pop culture references. H*R is short for Homestar Runner, and it's frequently used as an abbreviation both in online forums and in text messages by fans of the website.

Example of H*R used in texting:

1. Hey man, did you catch the new H*R cartoon? It's hilarious!
2. I'm feeling kind of down today. I think I'll cheer myself up by watching some old H*R episodes.
3. Just got my new H*R t-shirt in the mail! Can't wait to show it off at the next comic con.

Examples of H*R used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "h*r"

h*r :
homestar runner

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