Definition & Meaning of "GRVY"

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grvy :

Usage of GRVY

GRVY is an abbreviation commonly used in texting that stands for 'groovy'. Groovy is an adjective that means fashionable, exciting, or excellent - it's often used to describe something that's really cool or awesome. The term was popular in the 1960s and became synonymous with the hippie culture of the time. Today, GRVY might be used to describe anything from a really great song to a trendy pair of shoes.

Examples of GRVY used in texting:
1. Hey, did you hear the new album from that indie band? It's so GRVY!
2. Just got back from vacation and it was GRVY af. Wish you were there!
3. Meet you at the skate park at 3 pm? GRVY, see you then!

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grvy :

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