Definition & Meaning of "GOTCHA"

What does gotcha mean? View the definition of gotcha and all related slang terms containing gotcha below:

gotcha :
got you

Usage of GOTCHA

The slang abbreviation GOTCHA is frequently used in texting and casual conversations. GOTCHA is a shortened form of the phrase 'got you' which typically indicates that someone has been caught or fooled. It can also be used in a helpful or supportive way to indicate that someone understands and will remember something important. In general, GOTCHA is a versatile and commonly used phrase in casual communication.

Example of GOTCHA used in texting:

1. Example of GOTCHA used in texting: Person A - "I just realized I left my phone at the office!" Person B - "Don't worry, I'll grab it for you on my way home. GOTCHA."

2. Example of GOTCHA used in texting: Person A - "Do you remember what time we're meeting tonight?" Person B - "Yes, 7 pm. GOTCHA!"

3. Example of GOTCHA used in texting: Person A - "I can't believe I didn't pass the test." Person B - "It's okay, we'll study together next time and you'll do better. GOTCHA."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gotcha"

gotcha :
got you

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