Definition & Meaning of "GOC"

What does goc mean? View the definition of goc and all related slang terms containing goc below:

goc :
get on camera

Usage of GOC

The abbreviation GOC stands for "Get on Camera." It is often used in the context of virtual meetings or video calls, where someone might encourage another person to turn on their camera and be visible on the screen. This can be useful for promoting engagement, building trust, and creating a more personal connection between participants. In a remote work or learning environment, GOC can be an important way to maintain a sense of community and prevent feelings of isolation or disconnection.

Examples of GOC used in texting:

1. Hey, we're having a team meeting in 10 minutes. Can you GOC so we can all see your lovely face?
2. Just a reminder to GOC for our video session tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you then!
3. I know video calls can be awkward, but it's important for everyone to GOC so we can build stronger relationships with our colleagues and clients.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "goc"

goc :
get on camera

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