Definition & Meaning of "GJT"

What does gjt mean? View the definition of gjt and all related slang terms containing gjt below:

gjt :
good job team

Usage of GJT

The abbreviation GJT stands for 'good job team'. It is often used as an informal way to acknowledge someone or a group's success or achievement. It is commonly used in the workplace, sports teams, and any setting where teamwork is essential. Saying GJT is a way to show appreciation for the efforts of everyone involved.

Example of GJT used in texting:
1. "GJT on nailing the presentation! Let's celebrate tonight."
2. "Hey, just wanted to say GJT on finishing the project on time. You guys crushed it."
3. "Another successful game! GJT, guys! We're getting closer to the championship."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gjt"

gjt :
good job team

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