Definition & Meaning of "GFE2E"

What does gfe2e mean? View the definition of gfe2e and all related slang terms containing gfe2e below:

gfe2e :
grinning from ear to ear

Usage of GFE2E

The abbreviation GFE2E is used to express feeling extremely happy or amused in a situation. It indicates the level of joy one feels when something brings a huge smile on their face from one ear to the other. This abbreviation is often used in informal contexts such as texting and social media platforms.

Examples of GFE2E used in texting:
1. I just got off the phone with my crush and we talked for hours! GFE2E right now!
2. My boss just gave me a promotion and a raise! My parents will be so proud of me. GFE2E!!
3. I just saw my best friend after months of being apart, and we had a blast! I'm GFE2E just thinking about it!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gfe2e"

gfe2e :
grinning from ear to ear

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