Definition & Meaning of "FUXING"

What does fuxing mean? View the definition of fuxing and all related slang terms containing fuxing below:

fuxing :

Usage of FUXING

FUXING is an abbreviation that means 'f**king'. It is usually used to express strong emotions like anger, frustration, or excitement. The term is typically considered vulgar and should be used with caution and appropriateness.

Examples of FUXING used in texting:

1. Hey, I can't believe I failed my exam. FUXING teacher didn't even teach us properly.
(Example of FUXING used to express frustration)

2. OMG, that party last night was FUXING insane, the music was so loud and everyone was dancing!
(Example of FUXING used to express excitement)

3. I can't believe my ex is dating my best friend. FUXING a**h**e, they both betrayed me.
(Example of FUXING used to express anger)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fuxing"

fuxing :

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