Definition & Meaning of "FUS"

What does fus mean? View the definition of fus and all related slang terms containing fus below:

fus :
f**k yourself

Usage of FUS

Unfortunately, the abbreviation FUS stands for an offensive phrase, "f**k yourself". It is considered vulgar and crude language and should be avoided in polite conversation. This abbreviation can be used to express anger, frustration, or disdain towards someone or something. However, it is not appropriate to use this language in professional or formal settings.

Examples of FUS used in texting:
1. Friend 1: "Hey, did you hear what John said about you?"
Friend 2: "No, what did he say?"
Friend 1: "He basically told you to FUS."
Example of FUS used in texting.

2. Person 1: "This movie is so boring"
Person 2: "Yeah, I know. FUS for making me come."
Example of FUS used in texting.

3. Boss: "I need you to work overtime tonight."
Employee: "FUS, I was planning on going out tonight."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fus"

fus :
f**k yourself
gfus :
go f**k yourself
iwfusb :
i wanna f**k you so bad

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