Definition & Meaning of "FUCKTARD"

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fucktard :
f**king ret*rd


The abbreviation "f**kTARD" is a vulgar slang term that is derived from two words "f**king" and "ret*rd". This term is generally used to describe someone who is incredibly stupid or foolish. It is often used as an insult to express anger or frustration towards someone who has done something deemed ridiculous, foolish, or annoying.

Examples of "f**kTARD" used in texting:

1. Person 1: Hey, did you see the news about Karen?
Person 2: Yeah, she's such a f**kTARD. I can't believe she fell for that scam.

2. Person 1: Can I borrow your car tonight?
Person 2: No way! You totaled your car last time you borrowed it, you f**kTARD.

3. Person 1: I can't figure out how to use this new software.
Person 2: Did you even read the instructions, f**kTARD? It's not that difficult.

These examples of "f**kTARD" used in texting are meant to show how the abbreviation can be used to quickly and efficiently express frustration and anger towards someone who is not behaving sensibly or intelligently. It is important to remember that using vulgar language can offend some people, so it is always best to use such language with caution and only with those who know your sense of humor.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fucktard"

fucktard :
f**king ret*rd

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