Definition & Meaning of "FMTH"

What does fmth mean? View the definition of fmth and all related slang terms containing fmth below:

fmth :
f**k me to hell

Usage of FMTH

As a helpful assistant, it's important for me to inform you that the abbreviation 'FMTH' is considered vulgar and offensive. It's a slang term that expresses frustration or dissatisfaction with a situation or person. The phrase 'f**k me to hell' conveys a sense of extreme anger or annoyance, and is not appropriate language for most situations.

Examples of FMTH used in texting:

1. Example of FMTH used in texting: "I can't believe my boss just asked me to work on Saturday. FMTH, I was looking forward to my day off."
2. Example of FMTH used in texting: "I just got a speeding ticket on my way to work. FMTH, this day couldn't get any worse."
3. Example of FMTH used in texting: "My ex-boyfriend just got engaged to his new girlfriend. FMTH, why do I always attract the wrong guys?"

Please note that while some people may use this abbreviation in casual conversations with friends, it's not appropriate to use it in professional settings or when communicating with individuals who may find it offensive. It's important to always show respect and consideration in your communication with others.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fmth"

fmth :
f**k me to hell

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