Definition & Meaning of "FMFLTH"

What does fmflth mean? View the definition of fmflth and all related slang terms containing fmflth below:

fmflth :
f**k My f**king Life To Hell

Usage of FMFLTH

The slang abbreviation FMFLTH is used to express frustration, disappointment, and despair in a situation that is perceived as hopeless or unbearable. It is a highly intense and vulgar sentiment that conveys the speaker's feelings of complete despair and hopelessness. The abbreviation is frequently used online and in texting because it's easier and quicker to type than the full phrase.

Example of FMFLTH used in texting:
1. "I just got a parking ticket and a flat tire on the same day. FMFLTH, why does everything have to go wrong at once?"
2. "I spent all night studying for this exam, and I still failed. FMFLTH, my life is a joke."
3. "My boss just called me into her office to tell me I'm getting laid off. FMFLTH, how am I supposed to pay my bills?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fmflth"

fmflth :
f**k My f**king Life To Hell

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