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feat :

Usage of FEAT

The abbreviation FEAT is commonly used in the entertainment industry to indicate a collaboration between two or more artists or performers. It stands for "Featuring" and is usually used to denote a significant contribution made by a featured artist on a song, album, movie, or event. The term is widely used in music and film credits to give credit to the main artist and the featured artist who contributed to the project.

Examples of FEAT used in texting:

1. Hey, did you hear about the new song by Drake FEAT. Rihanna? It's already topping the charts! (Example of FEAT used when discussing music collaborations)
2. I'm watching this movie on Netflix that's got Tom Hanks FEAT. Meryl Streep, it's a great flick! (Example of FEAT used when discussing film collaborations)
3. Can't wait for the concert tonight, Justin Bieber FEAT. Ed Sheeran will be performing their new song together! (Example of FEAT used when discussing live performances)

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feat :

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