Definition & Meaning of "FANKLE"

What does fankle mean? View the definition of fankle and all related slang terms containing fankle below:

fankle :
area between foot and ankle

Usage of FANKLE

FANKLE is a newly coined word that stands for the area between your foot and ankle. This part of the body is often overlooked when it comes to describing body parts, and so FANKLE provides a convenient term to use in conversation or text messaging. The FANKLE is an important part of the body as it connects the foot to the leg, and is involved in many movements such as walking, running or jumping.

Examples of FANKLE used in texting:
1. Hey, I tripped earlier and now I have a bruise on my FANKLE.
2. Do you ever get cramps in your FANKLE after a long day of walking?
3. Help! I twisted my FANKLE during my morning jog and it's really sore now.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fankle"

fankle :
area between foot and ankle

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