Definition & Meaning of "F2M"

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f2m :
female to male

Usage of F2M

The abbreviation F2M stands for 'female to male'. This term is often used in the context of gender transition, specifically for individuals who were assigned female at birth but identify as male. It can refer to the physical and social transition a person undergoes, including hormone therapy, surgery, and changes in presentation and pronouns.

Examples of F2M used in texting:
1. Hey, have you seen that new documentary about F2M transitions? It's really enlightening. (Example of F2M used for discussion)
2. My friend is going through an F2M transition right now and I want to be as supportive as possible. Do you have any advice? (Example of F2M used for advice-seeking)
3. I just met a guy at the coffee shop who is in the early stages of his F2M transition. He's really cool and I hope we can hang out more. (Example of F2M used conversationally)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "f2m"

f2m :
female to male
lf2m :
looking for 2 more
tif2m :
this is f**king 2 much

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