Definition & Meaning of "EOC"

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eoc :
end of conversation

Usage of EOC

The abbreviation EOC is commonly used in text messaging and refers to the end of a conversation. It is often used as a polite way to wrap up a conversation when there is no need for further discussion or when both parties have said everything they needed to say. EOC can be seen as a time-saver in text messaging when a conversation has reached a natural conclusion.

Example of EOC used in texting:
1. Person 1: "Hey, are you free this weekend?"
Person 2: "No, I'm busy. Maybe next time?"
Person 1: "Sure, sounds good. EOC"
2. Person 1: "Thanks for helping me with my math homework! I really appreciate it."
Person 2: "No problem, anytime. EOC"
3. Person 1: "I miss you so much. Can't wait to see you again."
Person 2: "I miss you too! We'll have to plan something soon. EOC"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "eoc"

eoc :
end of conversation

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