Definition & Meaning of "ENIT"

What does enit mean? View the definition of enit and all related slang terms containing enit below:

enit :
isn't it

Usage of ENIT

The abbreviation ENIT is a slang term used in texting and informal conversations that stands for "isn't it". It is often used at the end of a sentence to confirm or seek agreement from the other person. It is commonly used to express the speaker's opinion or to ask for validation. For example, "The weather is so weird today, ENIT?" or "He's such a great singer, ENIT?". This abbreviation is widely used in English-speaking countries, especially among young people.

Examples of ENIT used in texting:
1. "You're coming to the party tonight, ENIT?"
2. "This movie is so boring, ENIT?"
3. "I can't believe she said that, ENIT?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "enit"

enit :
isn't it

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