Definition & Meaning of "DSU"

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dsu :
don't screw up

Usage of DSU

The abbreviation DSU stands for "don't screw up" and is used to remind someone to be careful and not make any mistakes. It is often used in situations where there is a high level of importance or pressure, such as on a job or in a professional setting. Texting is a common way to use this abbreviation to quickly and effectively communicate this message to someone.

Example 1 - Jack: Hey, I'm about to meet with the CEO for my job interview. Jane: Good luck! DSU!

Example 2 - Sarah: I have a big project due tomorrow and I'm feeling overwhelmed. Can you give me some advice? Hannah: Just take it one step at a time and DSU!

Example 3 - Mark: I'm meeting my girlfriend's parents for the first time tonight. Any tips? Tom: Just relax and be yourself. Oh, and DSU!

Examples of DSU used in texting

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "dsu"

dsu :
don't screw up

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