Definition & Meaning of "DOS"

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dos :
denial of service

Usage of DOS

The abbreviation DOS stands for "Denial of Service" and it is a type of cyber attack that floods a website or network with traffic to cause it to crash or become unavailable to users. DOS attacks can be carried out by a single hacker or a botnet, which is a network of compromised devices acting in unison. The goal of a DOS attack is often to disrupt the availability of a website or service, causing inconvenience, financial losses, or reputational damage.

Examples of DOS used in texting:
1. Hey, did you hear about that big DOS attack on the bank's website yesterday? Crazy stuff. (Example of DOS used to reference a specific event)
2. My company just implemented new security measures to prevent against DOS attacks. (Example of DOS used in a sentence rather than as an abbreviation)
3. I think the sudden increase in website traffic might be due to a DOS attack. Can you check the server logs? (Example of DOS used to suggest a possible cause for an issue)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "dos"

ddos :
Distributed Denial of Service
dos :
denial of service

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