Definition & Meaning of "DMY"

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dmy :
don't mess yourself

Usage of DMY

The abbreviation DMY is a shorthand slang term used to convey the message "don't mess yourself". It is commonly used in informal conversations either in person or online to suggest that the person should be careful not to embarrass themselves or make a mistake. The phrase is often used to mean "stay calm and focused" or "keep yourself together".

Example 1 - Text message: "Hey, I heard you have a big presentation tomorrow. Just remember to DMY and you'll do great!"

Example 2 - Text message: "I'm nervous about meeting your parents tonight. Do you have any advice?" Response: "Just DMY and be yourself. They'll love you!"

Example 3 - Text message: "I'm going skydiving this weekend and I'm so scared!" Response: "Just remember to DMY and enjoy the thrill. You can do this!"

Examples of DMY used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "dmy"

dmy :
don't mess yourself

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