Definition & Meaning of "DMU"

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dmu :
don't mess up

Usage of DMU

The abbreviation 'DMU' is a shorthand for the phrase 'don't mess up'. It is often used as an encouraging or cautionary message to someone who is about to undertake a task or make an important decision. The phrase implies that a mistake would not be acceptable in the given situation, and that the person should be careful and focused in order to achieve their goal.

Examples of DMU used in texting:
1. Hey dude, I'm about to ask out this girl I really like. DMU!
2. Remember, the boss is counting on us to finish the project on time. DMU and let's get it done!
3. Good luck on your driving test today! DMU and be safe on the road.

(All messages are addressed to someone else and used 'DMU' as a short and simple way of conveying the message of being careful, positive or motivated.)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "dmu"

dmu :
don't mess up

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