Definition & Meaning of "DIKU"

What does diku mean? View the definition of diku and all related slang terms containing diku below:

diku :
do i know you

Usage of DIKU

The abbreviation "DIKU" is frequently used in texting and stands for "do I know you." It is usually said in response to someone who has approached you or sent you a message, and you don't recognize them. This can occur if you meet someone for the first time, or if someone sends you a message and you don't recognize their username or phone number.

Example 1 (Example of DIKU used in texting):
Person A: Hey, what's up?
Person B: Sorry, DIKU?

Example 2 (Example of DIKU used in texting):
Unknown number: Hey, it's been a while. How have you been?
Person A: DIKU?

Example 3 (Example of DIKU used in texting):
Stranger: Hi! Remember me?
Person A: I'm sorry, but DIKU?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "diku"

diku :
do i know you

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