Definition & Meaning of "DDG"

What does ddg mean? View the definition of ddg and all related slang terms containing ddg below:

ddg :
Drop Dead Gorgeous

Usage of DDG

The abbreviation DDG stands for Drop Dead Gorgeous, which is typically used to describe someone who is stunningly beautiful or attractive. The phrase "drop dead" is a hyperbolic expression used to emphasize the breathtaking beauty of the person being referred to. This phrase can be used to describe physical features such as facial features, body shape, hair, or clothing style.

Examples of DDG used in texting:
1. "I saw this girl at the mall today and she was DDG! I couldn't take my eyes off her." - Example of DDG used in texting
2. "Have you seen the new guy in class? He's definitely DDG." - Example of DDG used in texting
3. "My crush just posted a new photo on Instagram and they look DDG as always!" - Example of DDG used in texting

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ddg"

ddg :
Drop Dead Gorgeous

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