Definition & Meaning of "DAMHIK"

What does damhik mean? View the definition of damhik and all related slang terms containing damhik below:

damhik :
don't ask me how I know

Usage of DAMHIK

The abbreviation DAMHIK is commonly used in texting and online communication to indicate that the sender has some knowledge or information, but doesn't want to share how they obtained it. It can be a helpful way to acknowledge that you have information without revealing too much, or to avoid additional questioning. The abbreviation can be especially useful when you want to keep something confidential.

Example of DAMHIK used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Did you hear about Sarah and Jake breaking up?
Friend 2: Yeah, DAMHIK.

2. Person 1: How did you know that Ben was going to quit?
Person 2: DAMHIK.

3. Colleague 1: How did you know about the company's plans for re-organization?
Colleague 2: DAMHIK.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "damhik"

damhik :
don't ask me how I know
damhikijk :
Don't Ask Me How I Know - I Just Know
damhikt :
don't ask me how I know this

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