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cunt :

Usage of CUNT

As an assistant, I would like to clarify that while the abbreviation "c**t" can be used to refer to the anatomical term for female genitalia, it is also a highly offensive and derogatory term that should not be used casually or in polite conversation.

That being said, here are three examples of how "c**t" could potentially be used as an abbreviation in texting:

Example 1 -
Person A: Hey, did you see that new music video?
Person B: No, not yet. Who's in it?
Person A: Just a bunch of cunts dancing around in bikinis.

Example 2 (not recommended or appropriate) -
Person A: This restaurant has the worst service ever! The waiter was a total c**t.
Person B: Wow, that's really unprofessional. You should complain to the manager.

Example 3 -
Person A: Hey, my ex is coming to the party tonight. Should I avoid him?
Person B: Yeah, don't waste your time on that c**t. He's not worth it.

Please note that using this word in any form is not appropriate or respectful, and it should not be used to refer to anyone, regardless of their gender.

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cunt :

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