Definition & Meaning of "CU2"

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cu2 :
see you too

Usage of CU2

The abbreviation CU2 is a shorthand way of saying 'see you too'. It's commonly used in text messaging as a quick way to acknowledge seeing someone later and wishing them well. The abbreviation is often used in situations where someone says 'goodbye' or 'see you later', and the recipient responds with 'CU2' to mean that they also hope to see the other person soon.

Example of CU2 used in texting:
1. Person A: "I gotta go, see you tomorrow!"
Person B: "Okay, CU2!"
2. Person A: "Take care, have a great day!"
Person B: "Thanks, you too! CU2"
3. Person A: "I'll see you at the party tonight!"
Person B: "Sounds good, CU2 there!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "cu2"

cu2 :
see you too
cu2nit :
see you tonight

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