Definition & Meaning of "CHILAX"

What does chilax mean? View the definition of chilax and all related slang terms containing chilax below:

chilax :
chill and relax in one word

Usage of CHILAX

The term CHILAX, a combination of the words 'chill' and 'relax,' is typically used as a way of telling someone to calm down and take a break. It's an informal way of saying "don't worry, everything is okay." This abbreviation is often used in texting because it allows for quick and easy communication without having to type out the entire phrase.

Examples of CHILAX used in texting:
1. Hey, don't stress about that exam tomorrow. Just CHILAX and remember to breathe.
2. I know you're upset about what happened, but let's just CHILAX and watch a movie together.
3. Don't panic about the presentation, we've got this. CHILAX and enjoy the process!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "chilax"

chilax :
chill and relax in one word

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