Definition & Meaning of "CHAMPS"

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champs :

Usage of CHAMPS

The term CHAMPS is an abbreviation that stands for "champions." It is used to refer to individuals or teams that have achieved outstanding success, typically in a competitive setting like sports, academics, or business.

Examples of CHAMPS used in texting:

1. Hey, did you see the game last night? Our team was on fire! We definitely played like CHAMPS.
(Example of CHAMPS used in texting to refer to a sports team)

2. I just got my test scores back and I aced it! I am feeling like such a champ right now.
(Example of CHAMPS used in texting to describe academic achievement)

3. We just closed the deal on our biggest client yet. Our sales team is full of CHAMPS!
(Example of CHAMPS used in texting to describe business success)

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champs :

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