Definition & Meaning of "BIOTCH"

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biotch :

Usage of BIOTCH

The abbreviation BIOTCH is a shortened version of the word "b***h," which is typically used as an insult directed towards women. BIOTCH is slang and informal language and is considered impolite and offensive. Its definition varies depending on the context in which it is used, but it is generally used to describe someone who is unpleasant, rude, or difficult to deal with.

Examples of BIOTCH used in texting:
1. Hey, did you hear about Sarah? She’s such a BIOTCH for stealing my boyfriend. (Example of BIOTCH used to describe a person's behavior)
2. My boss is being a real BIOTCH today, making me work overtime. (Example of BIOTCH used to describe someone's attitude)
3. Sorry for not answering your call earlier, was at a family dinner with my aunt who’s a total BIOTCH. (Example of BIOTCH used to describe a person's character)

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