Definition & Meaning of "BB4N"

What does bb4n mean? View the definition of bb4n and all related slang terms containing bb4n below:

bb4n :
Bye-bye for now

Usage of BB4N

The abbreviation BB4N is a shorthand way of saying "Bye-bye for now". It's often used by people who are in a hurry or who want to quickly sign off from a conversation. The phrase is usually used to indicate that the person is leaving the conversation or ending a chat session but may return at a later time.

Examples of BB4N used in texting:
1. Friend A: Hey, I gotta go now. BB4N!
2. Friend B: Alright, see ya soon. BB4N!
3. Friend C: Thanks for chatting with me! I gotta run now. BB4N!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "bb4n"

bb4n :
Bye-bye for now

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