Definition & Meaning of "B1TCH"

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b1tch :

Usage of B1TCH

The abbreviation B1TCH is a slang term used as a derogatory insult towards a female. It is often used to express anger or frustration towards someone who is seen as irritating or difficult to deal with. This term can be considered offensive and should be used with caution.

Examples of B1TCH used in texting:

1. "I can't believe she's still trying to talk to him even though he's clearly not interested. She's such a B1TCH." - Example of B1TCH used in texting for calling someone out for their behavior.

2. "I just got cut off in traffic by some B1TCH in a Mercedes. Like, seriously?" - Example of B1TCH used in texting for expressing frustration.

3. "My ex-girlfriend is such a B1TCH. She won't stop texting me even though I've asked her to leave me alone." - Example of B1TCH used in texting for describing an ex-partner.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "b1tch"

b1tch :

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