Definition & Meaning of "B-CUZ"

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b-cuz :

Usage of B-CUZ

B-CUZ is an abbreviation for the word 'because.' Because is a subordinating conjunction that is used to introduce a clause which gives a reason or an explanation. When used in a sentence, it typically follows the word it explains. For example, 'I can't go out tonight B-CUZ I have to study for a test tomorrow.' This sentence means 'I can't go out tonight because I have to study for a test tomorrow.'

Sample Text Messages:

1. I can't make it to your bday party B-CUZ I'm busy studying for my final exams.
2. Sorry, I can't hang out this weekend B-CUZ I'm visiting my grandparents.
3. I won't be able to come with you to the mall B-CUZ I'm working a shift at my part-time job.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "b-cuz"

b-cuz :

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