Definition & Meaning of "AYGS"

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aygs :
are you going somewhere

Usage of AYGS

In the world of texting, abbreviations have become a common language among people of all ages. One such abbreviation is AYGS, which stands for 'are you going somewhere'. This abbreviation is particularly useful when one wants to know if the other person is planning to leave their current location, perhaps to meet up or run an errand.

Examples of AYGS used in texting:

1. Person A: Hey, I'm running late, AYGS?
Person B: No worries, I'm just hanging out at home.

2. Person A: Can you grab some milk on your way back? AYGS?
Person B: Sure thing, I'm already out and about.

3. Person A: I was thinking of meeting up later today. AYGS?
Person B: Actually, I have plans later. Can we meet up tomorrow instead?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "aygs"

aygs :
are you going somewhere

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