Definition & Meaning of "AYD"

What does ayd mean? View the definition of ayd and all related slang terms containing ayd below:

ayd :
are you done

Usage of AYD

The abbreviation AYD stands for 'are you done'. It is a shorthand way of asking someone if they have finished whatever they were doing or are ready to move on to the next task or topic. This abbreviation is commonly used in texting since it saves time and effort of typing out the entire phrase. It is also useful when communicating with someone who may be busy and need a quick message.

Examples of AYD used in texting:

1. Hey, I was wondering if you finished your report already? AYD?
2. We need to start heading out soon. AYD getting ready?
3. Sorry to bother you, just wanted to know if you're done with your lunch break? AYD

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ayd"

ayd :
are you done
aydy :
are you done yet
hayd :
how are you doing
wayd :
what are you doing
waydt :
What are you doing tonight
wtfayd :
what the f**k are you doing
wthayd :
what the heck are you doing
wthaydwmgf :
what the hell are you doing with my girlfriend

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