Definition & Meaning of "AYC"

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ayc :
awaiting your comments

Usage of AYC

The abbreviation AYC is a common abbreviation used during texting, which means "awaiting your comments." This abbreviation is commonly used when you are expecting feedback or comments from someone on a particular subject. It is often used in professional settings where there is a need to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Examples of AYC used in texting:

1. Hey, I just sent you the proposal. AYC before I take it to the client.

2. Just wanted to check in on the progress of the project. AYC on the updates.

3. I have shared my thoughts on the matter. AYC for your feedback and suggestions.

These are a few examples of how to use the abbreviation AYC in texting. It can be an effective way to communicate with your colleagues or clients and ensure that you are on the same page while waiting for their comments or feedback on a specific topic or matter.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ayc"

ayc :
awaiting your comments
cayc :
call at your convenience
waycb :
when are you coming back
Waycm :
Why are you calling me

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