Definition & Meaning of "AYBAB2M"

What does aybab2m mean? View the definition of aybab2m and all related slang terms containing aybab2m below:

aybab2m :
all your base are belong 2 me

Usage of AYBAB2M

The abbreviation AYBAB2M is a popular internet meme that originated from a poorly translated video game called Zero Wing. It means 'all your base are belong to me', which indicates that the speaker has complete control over a situation or topic. The phrase is often used humorously or ironically in online conversations or forums.

Examples of AYBAB2M used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Did you get that promotion you were hoping for?
Friend 2: AYBAB2M! I aced the interview and got the job.

2. Mom: Can you please clean your room before your friends come over tonight?
Teenager: AYBAB2M, Mom! I already cleaned it this morning.

3. Boss: Can you handle this project on your own or do you need some assistance?
Employee: AYBAB2M, sir! I've got it under control and will finish it on time.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "aybab2m"

aybab2m :
all your base are belong 2 me

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